Pasadena city workers

burritoStandFor our fall meeting with the Hartford MFA program we went to Pasadena. Wonderful place! The week was chock full of meetings with fantastic illustrators. We visited Dreamworks and Nickelodeon and a bunch of other stuff. This painting is of a scene across the street from the hotel where we were staying. I went for an early morning walk and these city utility workers were taking a break at the local taco stand. The combination of colors from their green and orange safety suites and wild composition appealed to me so I decided to see if I could get it onto canvas. It works pretty well and I’m happy with it. 

Back again!

measles_fullsizeWell after some trouble with my word press settings I’m now back online….

Here’s one of the latest. This is an illustration for the journal Proceedings of the royal society B. It’s for an article that talks about the relationship between seasonality in birth rates and how they affect rates of disease. It’s not certain if it will make the cover but I hope it does!