Charleston Harbor


Charleston boat harbor

This acrylic painting is from Charleston harbor on the Oregon coast. It’s a real fishing harbor, authentic with little tourism which I like. The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, where I went to school and now teach, is just down the road from this spot. I’m planning to do a series of paintings based on Charleston as well as the southern Oregon coast.

Buffalo from Yellowstone.


A small buffalo rough. Just playing around here. It’s in acrylic & about 45 mins of work so far. I don’t know if I’ll develop it into anything. I started with a brown/orange background and just started painting. Fair but the composition isn’t exactly exciting.

I am planning a larger more finished buffalo painting and elements of this one may be incorporated.

Watercolor montage for a bird poster

birdwatercolorThis watercolor was painted for a UM bird course announcement. Turned out OK. Watercolor is a medium that I often neglect and I need to pay more attention to it. Currently I’m working on a kids book and watercolor might be perfect for it. Seems like watercolor and children’s literature go together. Why is that?

New illustration


This illustration of devonian fish made it onto the UM News service. The initial drawing was done on bristol board. That was scanned in and the final had to be completed in photoshop. I was traveling while working on it so it was completed on my laptop.

Drawing of the day

ninjafrogMonday Aug 5, 2013. Sketched this earlier today. Ninja frog! I have no idea where this comes from. I just started sketching and there it was. Not very ninja looking I suppose but it does remind me of ninja turtles, maybe in tights.